Lunch | Campaign Action Sessions

Campaign Action Sessions

Group A*: 12:55pm - 1:40pm

Group B*: 1:55pm - 2:40pm

Campaign Action Sessions are 45-minute sessions that will introduce attendees to a current campaign or proposed action around a specific policy or initiative. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of the issue and a concrete next-step they can take to support the campaign or get further involved beyond the Just Food Conference.  

Each Campaign Action Session will be offered twice, back-to-back, during the lunch period. Conference attendees with a "Group A" assignment on their namebadge will attend a Campaign Action Session from 12:55-1:40pm, while "Group B" attends lunch. Attendees in "Group B" will attend a Campaign Action Session from 1:55-2:40pm, while "Group A" attends lunch. 



Climate Change and Food and Agriculture

Room: HM 432

Climate change threatens to disrupt food production in the United States and across the world. Widespread hunger, and even mass starvation, may be the most severe consequences of our continued reliance on dirty fossil fuels. This session will address the impacts of climate change on agriculture and discuss efforts in New York to transition to 100 percent renewable energy, and promote the concept of regenerative agriculture which seeks to restore carbon to the soil through sustainable, organic methods.

Speakers: Mark Dunlea, Chair, Green Education and Legal Fund; Yonnette Fleming, Urban Farmer, Social Change Catalyst, and Founder, Hattie Carthan Herban Farm & Markets; Nancy Romer, Founder, Brooklyn Food Coalition; Eric Weltman, Senior Organizer, Food & Water Watch



Communities Protecting Growing Spaces in NYC

Room: HM 438

Come hear from community land stewards fighting for our land - and winning! This session will center campaigns to protect existing growing spaces. It will start with a presentation of the law & policy context and end with invitations for participants to take specific actions in support of specific community land protection struggles.

SpeakersMagali Regis, New York City Community Garden Coalition; Paula Z. Segal, Founding Director, 596 Acres


The Fight for $15

Room: ​HM 431

There are currently 64 million people in our country who are working and living in poverty at the same time. Many of them work in food. This session will provide a brief history of the global movement for a $15 minimum wage as well as union rights, racial, and immigrant justice. Learn about where the movement is currently and where we go from here. Let's keep growing the movement and fighting until we win for ALL workers!

Speakers: Jake Streich-Kest, Fight For $15 Organizer




FoodBargeHack: Planning a New Food Waterway

Room: HM 148

Brainstorm an energy efficient, sustainable regional food system using our waterways. Become part of a movement to connect mid-sized upstate farmers with underserved NYC communities using a barge on the Hudson River, and challenge the status quo. Help envision an ambitious alternative to food-filled trucks on our roads. We seek experts in transportation logistics, food distribution, agricultural product aggregation, food hubs, sustainable technologies and/or regional food systems; as well as the curious, who want to get more involved. This is a participant driven session in which we will brainstorm ideas for the launching of an alternative transportation system for delivering regionally produced goods to New York City along the Hudson River (and potentially, Erie Canal) via barge.

Speaker: Jill Slater, Executive Director, Lower Hudson Long Island Resource Conservation & Development Council



Gentrification and Rezoning in Cypress Hills and East New York

Room: HM 433

East New York is the first of fifteen neighborhoods across the New York City to go through rezoning under the de Blasio Administration. Subject to the Mayor's Housing Plan, and changes sweeping the City and Borough of Brooklyn, East New York has become a testing ground for the the City's future processes of community engagement and participation in the development of neighborhoods, anti-displacement policies and affordable housing programming, and grassroots, neighborhood-wide organizing and advocacy. Join us to learn about the proposals developed by the community to address gentrification, what strategies made the organizing movement of Cypress Hills/East New York successful, and how to apply what we learned from our process in your neighborhood.

Speakers: Shai J Lauros, Director of Community Development, Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation; Michael Keller, VP Operations & Executive Director, North Brooklyn YMCA



Lunch 4 Learning & the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act: Fighting Hunger & the Poverty Stigma Facing New York’s Youth

Room: HM 150

The Lunch 4 Learning campaign is fighting to reduce hunger and the stigma of poverty for NYC students through universal free school lunch. Learn about upcoming campaign actions, and how you can join the fight to ensure that all students can eat regardless of family income and documentation status. We will also discuss the Child Nutrition Reauthorization Act (CNR), which is currently up for reauthorization by Congress. Come learn about how you can help support this important federal legislation that provides access to food for millions of low-income children across the country. 

Speakers: David DeVaughn, Manager of Policy & Government Relations, City Harvest; Socheatta Meng, Director of Policy & Advocacy, Community Food AdvocatesSara Trongone, Program & Policy Strategist, Community Food Advocates


Labeling GMO Foods in New York

Room: TH 229

Want to know if your salmon has been genetically engineered or your cereal was made with Roundup Ready corn? Join us for a discussion of the campaign to label GMO foods sold in New York and how you can get involved. We’re building a movement that’s taking on Monsanto, Big Food companies, and other corporate giants to allow consumers the opportunity to make informed choices about what they eat. Working together, we can make GMO labeling the law.

Speakers: Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Region Director, Food & Water Watch; Stacie Orell, Director, GMO Free NY, Coordinator, NY GMO Labeling Coalition



Plate of the Union: Calling on the Next President to Fix Our Food System

Room: HM 424

Plate of the Union is a collaborative campaign driven by Food Policy Action, Food Policy Action Education Fund, the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the HEAL Food Alliance to raise the voice of Americans who care about food and farm issues during this election season. Together, we’re calling on the next President to take bold action for a food system that rewards farmers and farming practices that protect our environment, that provides dignity and fair wages to workers, and ensures that all Americans have access to healthy food that they can afford. Learn about the tactics and strategies Plate of the Union is using to influence presidential candidates and how you can be involved!

SpeakerLeslie Morrison, Senior Outreach Coordinator, Union of Concerned Scientists

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