Session 1 Workshops | Food Education

Cooking with Pulses: Crafting Easy, Affordable, and Delicious Meals with Beans and Lentils

Room: Earth Friends

2016 has been named the "International Year of Pulses" by the U.N. in recognition of the fact that beans and legumes are a sustainable, energy-efficient, hardy protein source that may also help to assist with crop rotation. As more and more consumers are being urged to eat lower on the food pyramid, beans and lentils are emerging as ideal vehicles for nutrition, flavor, and culinary versatility. This workshop will teach its audience how to craft delicious, hearty, simple meals using these humble, yet powerful protein sources. It will also walk audience members through the basics of using beans and grains, such as whether or not to soak, selecting the right legume for the job, appropriate cooking times, flavor pairings, and more. Useful handouts, such as a list of legume cooking times and the recipes featured in the demo, will accompany the workshop.

Speaker: Gena Hamshaw, Food Blogger, The Full Helping




Edible Wild Plants: 10 Local Weeds for Food & Medicine

Room: TH 229  

Learn about the "food under your foot" and the benefits of local plant based medicine. We'll discuss the correct part of the plant to use, when and where to harvest, simple recipes, and the medicinal uses and benefits of each plant discussed.  Participants will leave with copies of the recipes and a greater understanding of why adding wild food to our diets is so good for us.

Speaker: Dawn Petter, Herbalist




Nurturing Nursing: A Family Approach To Breastfeeding and Eating

Room: HM 146

What does a family approach to breastfeeding and first foods look like? Join the Williams Family for a workshop on feeding growing families, supporting breastfeeding through food, cultivating an exciting first foods palate, and building sibling support in breastfeeding. Participants will walk away with recipes and techniques for use in the kitchen and home. For expecting, new, and seasoned parents. Babies and children welcome!

Speakers: Tree & Shahkeem Williams, Educators, Live Sip




Spring Into Spring: Learn to Love Your Liver and Detoxify Naturally

Room: TH 136

There are many ailments that mysteriously pop up in the spring: allergies, hay fever, colds, spring flu, neck and shoulder pain, and spring fever! It's your body's way of telling you that it's time for a cleanse. Join Andrea for an engaging lecture where you will learn about the specific local and seasonal foods and herbs that best support your body, and your liver, as you goes through the process of spring cleaning.  

Speaker: Andrea Beaman, Holistic Health Coach, Natural Foods Chef and Thyroid Expert


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