Session 1 Workshops | Urban Agriculture

Chickens for Building Compost and Community

Room: HM 148

Learn about how 2 urban farms incorporate their chicken flocks into their educational, community building and environmental initiatives. Learn how Friends of Brook Park uses chickens in barter systems, and the NYCCP hosted by Earth Matter NY encourages neighbor participation in composting food scraps by learning how chickens, as well as people, can be part of the nutrient cycle. Find out about considerations that may be needed in order to establish a chicken composting set up in an urban setting.

Speakers: Marisa DeDominicis, Compost Manager, NYC Compost Project hosted by Earth Matter NYLily Kesselman, Organizer, Brook Park Chickens; Infinitae Stockton, NYC Service Corps Member, NYC Compost Project hosted by Earth Matter NY; Kim Tateo,  Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator, NYC Compost Project hosted by Earth Matter NY




Growing Food in a Changing Climate

Room: HM 144

From increased storms, flooding and summer heat stress, to more intense pest and weed pressures, climate change poses significant challenges to the way we grow food. Through this participatory workshop, we will collectively discuss how climate change impacts our farming in New York, as well as the skills, resources, and best management practices we hold to adapt to climate change.

Speakers: Cecilia Pineda, Climate Change Organizer & Facilitator, RADIKO & WE ACT for Environmental Justice; Sandy Nurse, Co-Founder & Community Organizer, BK Rot, Know Waste Lands, & Mayday Space




Growing South Asian and Caribbean Crops in NYC

Room: HM 332

Learn from former extension agent Mohammad Faroze and East New York gardeners about growing Caribbean crops in our New York climate. We will focus on past and current farm based studies conducted at East NY Farms! specifically on dasheen and pigeon peas.

Speakers: Mohammad Faroze; Marlene Wilks 





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