Session 2 Workshops | Food Education

Fermentation 101: What, Why, and How?

Room: Earth Friends

This workshop will discuss the origins of fermentation, its role through history, and the importance and health benefits of eating fermented foods. Participants will also learn fool-proof techniques for fermenting vegetables through a demonstration.

Speaker: Nadia Ernestus, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Owner, Hamptons Brine




Healthy Living & Eating in Your Golden Years

Room: HM 144

Good health in our golden years requires good nutrition and exercise! We need to make sure our older adult loved ones maintain nutritious eating habits, adequate exercise and provide for socialization opportunities in their golden years. Our workshop will provide attendees with concrete tools, skills and learning opportunities about how to adapt what they do in their senior years or in assisting their senior loved ones with menu planning, food shopping, food preparation and exercises as they or their loved ones further age or as they develop new health challenges as they age.

Speakers: CC Minton, Contributing Editor, Harlem World Magazine; Lil Nickelson, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Columnist, Harlem World Magazine (Moderators); Donte Jones, Personal Training Coordinator, Harlem YMCA;  Lance Knowling, Executive Chef, Owner, Blujeen;  Sheryl C. Unsworth, Former Speech/Hearing Pathologist, New York City Department of Education​ Leticia "Skai" Young-Mohan, Restaurateur, Lolo's Seafood Shack




The Invisible World of Microbes: The Human Gut Microbiome, Probiotics, and Fermented Foods

Room: TH 229

What is the gut microbiome? This workshop will explain what the human gut microbiome is, why scientists think it's important in supporting our mental and physical health, and how probiotics fit into the picture.The workshop will also include information on identifying and where to find foods that have microbiomes and a fun demo on how to make fermented foods that are full of healthy bacteria!

Speakers: Erin Cramm, Health Arts and Sciences Masters Candidate, Goddard College; Cheryl Paswater, Certified Fermentationist, Educator, & Health Coach


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