Session 2 Workshops | Urban Agriculture

Date: Sun, March 13
Time: 2:50 PM - 4:20 PM

Saving Seeds: Relearning and Ancient Practice

Room: HM 146

Growing crops for their seeds is an ancient practice at the heart of food justice and sustainable gardening and farming. Learn how to grow and process seed crops to save money, develop locally adapted varieties, and maintain biodiversity. Poughkeepsie Farm Project’s education team will show you how to save seeds whether you are growing on a small or large scale. They will also touch on how they involve local teens in seed saving through their Seeds of the Food System project.

Speakers: Jamie Levato, Education Director, and Ellie LimpertEducation Manager, Poughkeepsie Farm Project




Urban Soils 101: Soil Science Basics

Room: HM 140

In this workshop, participants will discuss the basic roles and constituents of soil; how the health of the soil community is the foundation for healthy plants and a sustainable farm; and how to shape our interactions with soil so that we help to nurture the soil community. We'll also touch on urban soil health issues and soil testing. 

Speaker: Molly Culver, Co-Farm Manager and Director of Adult EducationThe Youth Farm

Urban Agriculture