Donte Jones photo

Donte Jones

Personal Training Coordinator, Harlem YMCA

Donte Jones is a Harvard University graduate that chose to follow his passion for fitness.  Donte is the Personal Training Coordinator at the Harlem YMCA in New York City and he personally trains people of all age groups.  In addition to training members on the proper use of the facility's cardiovascular and strength training equipment, he can help you develop and maintain a physically active lifestyle to meet your own personal needs and goals. Donte is very knowledgeable about what foods are good for helping the body as well as foods to avoid to achieve your fitness goals.  Donte has a treasure chest of healthy lifestyle tips to share with anyone looking to improve on their physical fitness such as teaching older adults how to move for better balance and developing a fitness program that will help you reduce your chances of developing health conditions brought on by inactivity.