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Flayr Poppins

Flayr Poppins has spent the past twelve years activating and advocating the LGBTQA community across the country through education, empowerment and food. Flayr spends majority of his time establishing community through organizing events for many urban and rural farming projects, radical communities and collectives. As a foodie that shares space with many formidable cooks and chefs, creating readable and transparent culture is Poppins' primary focus and that work translates though a "closer-to-the-earth" relationship and approach to the food experience. Flayr Poppins attended Le Cordon Bleu Academy in Austin and has studied with several award-winning chef and best selling authors. Journalism at the helm, Flayr graduated with honors from Northwestern University (Medill School of Journalism) and continued further studies at the University of Texas-Austin with a concentration in Non-Profit Administration and Business Management. Currently, Flayr Poppins is the managing editor of a LGBTQ magazine and is in the process of compiling a new food novel and cookbook, "The Anatomy of a Foodie".