Sheryl C. Unsworth photo

Sheryl C. Unsworth

Former Speech/Hearing Pathologist, New York City Department of Education

Sheryl C. Unsworth, MS EDD had a fulfilling professional career that began as a Principal in Laguna Niguel, CA.  Sheryl moved to New York to work as Director of Marketing for the Corporate Lifeline division of Laidlaw International before returning back to her education roots.  She took a position as a Speech/Hearing Pathologist with the New York City Department of  Education which she retired from a few years ago. Sheryl's introduction into healthy eating habits began with her grandparents who had chickens and grew vegetables, fruits and nuts on their properties.  Sheryl spent most of her formative years living with and visiting them.  Growing, harvesting and eating fresh delicious food from the gardens that they taught her how to prepare and preserve permeates her memories.  These experiences were the beginning of Sheryl's life long love of fresh, organic foods and the bounty of our earth.